Radio meteor detection network

About Bolidozor

Bolidozor is the cooperative network of volunteer observers who operates own detecting stations. Operators are mainly amateur astronomers and scientists who do it in their free time.

All software and hardware developed for bolidozor detection stations are published with the open-source license.

How it works

When the meteor passes through the ionosphere, it ionizes the gas around the meteor trajectory, and it can scatter radio-waves. Detecting stations were receiving the radio signal and recording them to snapshots images. When the reflection of the signal from a meteor is received, stations records meteor in the highest quality for detailed post analysis. Then the data are transferred to storage data server.

For more detail visit our wiki page.

The primary target of Bolidozor is to determine the bolid trajectory and calculate the position of the impact.

Current stations

Today we know only about stations RMDS02x, which are fully compatible with Bolidozor.


The following map shows current distribution of Bolidozor stations.

Help us expand the Bolidozor network, by operating detecting station at your location or processing data. Join the Bolidozor now!

I would like to process some data.

If you are a scientist, amateur astronomer or simply you are interested in our results and data processing take a look to documentation or write us for more info.

I would like to get a station.

There is nothing easier than contact us and ask for hardware cost and possibilities of cooperation.

I have own station.

If you have radio-meteor detection station that produces the required data outputs for Bolidozor network you can connect it to our network.

I would like to cooperate with you, but I don't know how?

So, only write us to the mailing list and we try to find something for you. Everyone is useful! Without volunteers, this network would not live.