Radio meteor detection network

About Bolidozor

Bolidozor is a volunteer-run network of automatic radio reception stations for observation of meteors in the Earth's atmosphere. The stations are mainly operated by amateur astronomers and scientists contributing in their free time.

All software and hardware developed for Bolidozor detection stations is public and available under an open-source license.

How does it work

When a heavenly body on a collision course with Earth decelerates off the upper atmosphere, the atmosphere surrounding the heavenly body's trajectory undergoes ionization. This ionized body of gas scatters radio waves, which can be detected. Our network of detection stations listens to this scattered radio wave signal, records it and collects it on our storage servers. The station hardware documentation, the employed software and resulting dataset is freely available. For detailed information visit our wiki pages.

The primary goal of Bolidozor is to determine the bolid trajectory and estimate the point of impact.

Current stations

RMDS02x is the current generation of Bolidozor detection stations.


The following map shows current distribution of Bolidozor stations.

Help us expand the Bolidozor network. Contribute by operating a detection station at your location, or take part in processing data. Join Bolidozor now!

I would like to look at your data

If you are a scientist, amateur astronomer, or you are simply interested in our results and data processing, take a look at the documentation or write to us for more information.

I would like to obtain a station

There is nothing easier than contacting us. We will be happy to discuss sourcing of the hardware and options of cooperation.

I own a station

Any station with compatible data outputs is welcome to join our network.

I would like to cooperate with you, but I don't know how?

If that's the case, let us know on the mailing list and we will try to find something for you. Everyone is useful! Without volunteers, this network would not live.